Colombia is flooded with rain

The rainy season, which affects Colombia at this time of year, has claimed 360 lives, more than 100 local residents have disappeared. This was announced by the President of the country Juan Manuel Santos.

The President also noted that most of the damage due to bad weather was registered in the departments of Putumayo, Caldas, Antioch, Cauca and Santander. Most of the deaths occurred in the city of Mokoa, the capital of the Department of Putumayo, when an avalanche of mud and rocks on April 1 killed at least 323 people.

The tragedy was caused by heavy precipitation and floods on three rivers. In addition, 19 people died on Wednesday because of landslides caused by rain in the mountainous regions of Manizales, the capital of Caldas. Santos assured that the central government and regional authorities will take measures to prevent tragedies.

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