Consequences of an eight-ball earthquake on the Solomon Islands

Hundreds of people have suffered as a result of an earthquake on the Solomon Islands, many houses are destroyed.

“According to preliminary data, consequences (earthquakes – an edition) have affected about 3000 people” — quotes the agency of the representative of the American charitable organization World Vision Syuzi Sainovski. According to her, many of houses represent the traditional dwellings on piles built of natural material.

As it is reported, Sainovski has also noted that the earthquake has destroyed the hospital building, church, office of World Vision and other structures on the island Makira. She has added that from hospital 20 people have been evacuated.

The representative of the organization has reported that accident became the reason of interruptions in supply of electricity in the territory of all country.

Earlier the Earthquake the Geological service of the USA (USGS) reported that the earthquake measuring 8,0 has occurred on Thursday at the coast of the Solomon Islands. Pushes have been recorded at 17:38 on UTC time (20:38 Moscow time) in 63 kilometers to the southwest from the settlement of Kirakira. The center settled down at a depth of 40 kilometers.

Through the Solomon Islands there passes the Pacific “fiery belt” — a strip of volcanoes and tectonic breaks of 40 thousand kilometers. He surrounds the Pacific Ocean, lying along the coast of South and North America to the southern part of Alaska, then turns to Japan, Philippines and Indonesia and New Guinea, New Zealand and southwest Oceania comes to the end near the island.

In “a fiery belt” there is a vast majority of the known volcanoes of the planet. In the same place there are 90% of all earthquakes on Earth.

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