Continuing floods affect over 25,000 people in East Java, Indonesia

The flood in the Lamongan area of ​​East Java, Indonesia, starting April 9, 2020, affected about 7,500 homes, directly affecting more than 25,000 people. The local government responded to this situation by providing emergency supplies to the affected population, but an emergency has not yet been declared.

According to local authorities, the flood affected 67 villages in the districts of Kalitengi, Turi, Glag, Karangbinangun, Deket, Kekamatan, Kota Lamongan, Tikung, Modo, Kedungpring, Kembangbahu, Sukodadi and Babat. In recent days, attacks have also been hit in other areas of East Java.

Although thousands of people have already been affected in several areas of the regency, the government has not yet declared a state of emergency because there has not been much population displacement. In Tuban, 410 people in six villages were also affected.

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