Deadly winter storms hit the US and Europe

Deadly winter storms now cover both sides of the Atlantic. This is not the right time to be on the roads in the area from the Midwest to the Atlantic coast because of the Gia Winter Storm, which has already killed 5 people in weather accidents.

In Europe, more than 21 people died from snow accumulated since last week. Now avalanche alerts are maximized after the Swiss hotel was hit, as a result of which 3 people were injured. At least 21 deaths were attributed to winter storms in Europe. Areas in Austria were evacuated due to fears of a large avalanche.

Gia’s winter storm continued its siege in the Midwest on Saturday after hundreds of motorists were blocked on Missouri roads, leading to dozens of accidents and killing at least five people.

More than 800 motorists were stranded at rush hour on Friday night, as the falling snow made the interstate Missouri 44 almost impassable. Many people are stuck in conditions they call terrible.

At least three victims in Missouri are the result of weather accidents. The storm, which resulted in up to 17 inches of snow in some areas of Missouri, also led to more than 2,000 calls for help and more than 175 accidents, which resulted in at least 40 people being injured.

Kansas State Police also reported deaths related to the storm after the driver lost control of his pickup truck and hit the central barrier. The second crash in Kansas on Friday evening, involving two semi-trailers, killed a 41-year-old driver from Mexico.

In Iowa, Interstate 35’s southern lanes near Decatur remained closed on Saturday morning after a seven-passenger passenger bus crashed into an inverted tractor with a trailer, injuring one of them.

Several winter storms swept through much of Europe, bringing unprecedented amounts of snow. As a result, a series of storms in Eastern and Northern Europe have killed at least 21 people in the last week. Avalanches were to blame for many of these deaths.

Storms locked motorists in their vehicles in Germany and blocked residents and tourists in Austrian alpine villages, cutting them off from the roads.

More than 100 people were evacuated on Wednesday on the Norwegian Arctic islands of Spitsbergen as a precautionary measure due to the approaching storm and the risk of avalanches.

About 600 residents and tourists were cut off in villages in the Austrian region of Styria at the weekend when the roads became impassable. Other villages in the Alps were also cut off by snow-covered roads.

Traveling around the region was hampered by heavy snowfall, numerous rail links were stopped, and hundreds of flights were canceled.

The snow apocalypse continues.

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