Death toll from floods in northern Turkey rises to 44

At least 44 people have been killed in catastrophic floods and landslides in northern Turkey, the Office of Disaster and Emergency Management (AFAD) said.

Heavy rains that hit the Black Sea provinces of Bartın, Kastamonu and Sinop on Wednesday caused flooding that destroyed homes, destroyed at least five bridges, demolished cars and made numerous roads impassable. AFAD reported that 36 people died in Kastamonu, seven in Sinop and one in Bartina.

Nine people remain hospitalized in Sinop and one person is missing in Bartin province, according to the agency.

Rescue teams and sniffer dogs continue to painstakingly search for residents. According to AFAD, 5,188 people, 27 rescue dogs, 19 helicopters and two search planes are working in the disaster areas.

About 2,250 people were evacuated throughout the region, some were lifted from rooftops by helicopters and many were temporarily housed in student dormitories, authorities said.

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