Dr. Michio Kaku – “Something is happening to the Earth and we all need to prepare for the worst”

Dr. Michio Kaku is a famous American scientist, an expert in theoretical physics. Known as an active popularizer of science, the author of popular scientific books.

“Look around, every day we see news about abnormal and unusual weather and natural disasters, earthquakes shake countries and regions where they have not been for hundreds of years.” Incredible hurricanes, devastating storms, tornadoes and tornadoes where they have never been before did not see.

Almost daily, nature presents incredible surprises, unpleasant surprises. Suffer all the countries of the world and on Earth there is no place not affected by these global changes. More recently, in the US, Nebraska, South Dakota, Colorado and Wyoming, in just one day, 30 powerful tornadoes hit. All this was accompanied by the fall of a huge hail, the size of a tennis ball. With such a people in these areas faced for the first time in their lives.

In Minnesota and Wisconsin, the inhabitants themselves call the recent impact of the elements Weather Weather Apocalypse and they no longer understand and do not know what is going on with the weather.

I will tell you that it’s time for all to get used to the new world, to the new Earth and it will not be like before. This is a new reality. And then it will only get worse.

Previously, extreme weather conditions were sometimes observed, it was considered part of the climatic cycles of our planet, but now we can no longer deny that the weather is becoming anomalously ubiquitous. The frequency of manifestations of anomalies, their strength, their power and destructive impact, are a worrying signal that a global catastrophe is approaching. Moreover, it is not approaching gradually, and it will not be there once in a hundred years, it is already here, already at our doorstep.

To deny what is happening is irresponsible and stupid. On Earth, global and catastrophic changes occurred. Already happened. And every day everything will become worse and worse.

Why this happens – I do not know. And no one knows. Perhaps the Earth is influenced by something from outer space or something happens to the Earth itself, something very bad. Maybe our planet is tired of us, from people, from all that we have done with it.

Nobody can yet answer what is happening, we can only observe, conduct modeling and analyze the situation, try to foresee what will happen next, that’s all that science can do.

I do not give you an answer, I do not know what is happening to the Earth, but we must all be ready now for the worst, the Earth will never be the same again”.

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Rojerio C Cantu Jr

well we’re screwed nice knowing you guys.

Rojerio C Cantu Jr

there are several things happening ice age and poles flipping, ice age because of that oil spill in the gulf of mexico that stopped the gulf stream broke it second the poles are flipping for that i dont know but NASA knows exactly whats happening their not going to say a word because people will lose their minds forget about it,all you can do now is kiss your ass goodbye adios people may the force be with you bye.

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