Drinking water is sorely lacking in Taiwan

Taiwan has further cut water supplies as the country faces its worst drought in 50 years. On Wednesday, March 24, 2021, the government issued the first water supply warning in six years, warning that reservoirs in the central region are sinking to dangerously low levels.

Taiwan’s authorities have stepped up their fight against the country’s worst drought in five decades, further cutting water supplies to many regions, including a major semiconductor manufacturing center.

Economy Minister Wang Mei Hua said companies’ water supplies in Taichung’s two large science parks will also be cut by 15 percent.

Non-industrial users in Taichung and Miaoli County will lose water two days a week starting April 6, Wang added.

The government is reportedly under pressure to ensure continuous supply to water-intensive industries such as semiconductor manufacturing.

Meanwhile, the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) said the restrictions would not affect their production.

“Some TSMC enterprises will slightly increase the share of water from tankers. The new requirement for us to reduce our water consumption by 15 percent starting from April 6 will not affect our operations, ”the statement says.

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