Drought has settled on 85% of Mexico’s territory, lakes and reservoirs are drying up

Arid conditions currently cover 85 percent of Mexico, which is considered the worst drought in 30 years. Lakes and reservoirs, including the country’s second largest freshwater body, are drying up.

The capital’s nine million residents rely on reservoirs, including Villa Victoria and two others, which together have 44 percent capacity.

Most of the rest of the water comes from wells within the city limits, but the city’s groundwater level drops sharply.

Isais Salgado, a 60-year-old resident, said it took three and a half hours to pump water into his 10,000-liter tank – a task that usually takes him only 30 minutes.

“The reservoir is drying up. If you continue to pump out the water, by May it will completely dry up and the fish will die. ”

As the drought worsened, more people began to water their gardens, exacerbating the problem.

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