Drought in North Korea

In the Democratic people’s Republic of abnormally hot weather established in some areas of the provinces of Hwanghae-Do, Hwanghae-do, Gangwon-do, Hamgyong-bukto and Yanggakdo. In individual counties the temperature is 32.4 degrees is 6.5 degrees above the average annual norm.

Abnormal heat keeps in these areas since may 17 and has already created some problems for farmers — the rivers, lakes and reservoirs dry up without rain, affecting crops, water for irrigation is not enough. The tense situation in the provinces of Hwanghae-Do and Hwanghae-do that produce the most rice and other grains. Weather conditions have an adverse impact on the campaign for the planting of rice, which continues in the country. In drought management brings together officers from industrial companies, civil servants and Housewives; mobilized equipment, including mobile water pumps, tractors, trucks.

Experts fear that the drought may cause damage to the planting of rice this crop occupies the largest share in grain balance of the DPRK. According to traditional methods, the rice fields are planted no seeds, and seedlings, which were grown under the film — this ensures high productivity. Authorities recommend that farmers look for new ways of irrigation — groundwater sources, the bed of streams, deepening of wells, and also to save water.

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