Drought in Spain

Because of the prolonged drought in the province of La Rioja in Spain, the remains of the city of Mansilla de la Sierra began to appear from under the water, which flooded 58 years ago due to the creation of a reservoir.

In 1959, due to the construction of a dam on the river Najerilla, the city of Mansilla de la Sierra, which is located 200 km from Madrid, was flooded.

The project, which appeared in 1935, was not supposed to have any impact on the terrain, but due to flooding, the inhabitants of the city had to be resettled.

Now the water level in the reservoir fell due to a prolonged drought – and the ruins of the city of Mansilla de la Sierra appeared on the surface.

Despite the fact that the buildings spent more than half a century under water, some parts of the buildings have remained intact. The water level drops every year, and as a result, this year the drought has enabled researchers to study the dead city.

Looking at the ruined city can not only archaeologists hoping to find something interesting, but also tourists who look at buildings and petrified trees with pleasure.

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