Dusty whirlwind threw the trampoline with a child on the roof of a house in Germany

In the municipality Banzkow in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, located in northeast Germany, on Saturday in the afternoon, dusty whirlwind picked up the trampoline with a five year old girl and thrown on the roof of a house. Fortunately, the child was not injured.

Dusty (sandy) vortex is the atmospheric phenomenon that occurs at the earth’s surface by day in cloudy weather, usually during the heat, with a strong warming of the earth’s surface sunlight. The cold air sharply bumping on the ground, and rises in the form of warm air.

The height of the vortex which normally has a vertical axis of rotation or slightly inclined, is usually about 10-20 m. Sometimes it reaches several tens of meters. There is a vortex of no more than 1-2 minutes, but sometimes can transfer picked up from the ground dust, sand, pebbles and small objects hundreds of meters.

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