El Niño threatens the global economy with three trillion dollars in damage

Every time the temperature of the water in the Pacific Ocean rises, the world is faced with a natural phenomenon known as El Niño. But this time around, scientists are warning of possible global repercussions that could damage the global economy by up to $3 trillion.

A study published in the journal Science shows that if El Niño occurs in 2023, the global economy will suffer the consequences for the next six years. This is due to the fact that after the peak of this phenomenon, economic growth slows down for several years.

The likelihood of an El Niño from June to August is 55%, so the global community must be prepared for any consequences. In addition to economic damage, El Niño is expected to trigger a new wave of temperature records.

This natural phenomenon has already led to many storms and global warming, but scientists warn that this is not all the surprises it can bring. In the past, El Niño has caused droughts, floods, hurricanes and other catastrophic effects.

Therefore, it is important to take measures to protect the economy and the population from the possible consequences of El Niño. For example, strengthening infrastructure, developing evacuation plans and creating a system to warn the population about impending dangers.

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