Electric storm over Australia

This incredible video captured the moment when a huge electric storm lit the night sky over the north of Australia.

Joff Green photographed an amazing sight in Kimberley in the state of Western Australia, when the tropical cyclone “Dalia” moved over the coast.

Although the storm looks impressive, meteorologist Graham Britten says that such weather events are not rare. “This often happens in Kimberley and its environs, but since the terrain is quite remote, there are few people living here, and the chances that the storm will be captured are not very high,” he says.
Britten added that the storm formed due to the heat in northern Australia, which provided him with the energy needed for development.

The meteorologist notes that storms are dangerous because of lightning and the safest place for those who happened to be next to the weather system – in a car, not under trees or in an open space.

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