In Australia have found traces of ancient volcanoes superiority

Volcanic eruptions that took place over 100 million years ago on the East coast of Australia, were so powerful that they ejected materials reached the Western part of the continent. To such conclusion experts of University of a name of John Certina involved in the study branch of the Australian continent from Antarctica.

During their research scientists discovered in Western Australia, the zircon crystals that are not inherent to the region. With the help of geochemical and other instrumental methods, experts managed to establish that the tephra found in the West of the continent, came to this district from the Eastern part of Australia.

According to the researchers, super eruption on the East coast was in the tens or hundreds of times stronger than any other volcanic explosions ever recorded by mankind. According to Dr. Milo Barham Department of applied Geology University kertina, events of this magnitude have had a global impact on climate change and, perhaps in the future have contributed to human evolution.

“If the eruption of such force happened in our days, it would have devastating consequences for the society and led to massive crop failures, famine and war,” – said the scientist.

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