Everest turned into a high-mountain dump

For half a century of climbing, tourists left on the slopes of Mount Everest tons of garbage – plastic and excrement, which can lie there forever – and spoil the most spectacular species on the planet.

On the highest mountain in the world – the highest in the world garbage dump. Tourists-mountaineers climb to the top every year for several hundred, and almost all behave extremely irresponsibly – leave garbage, which in the mountains, unlike the plains, does not go away by itself. In the cold and rarefied air of the high mountains organic does not decompose, not to mention the plastic and other materials that will generally lie there forever.

Ever since Sir Edmund Hillary climbed Mount Everest in 1953, there have been four more than a thousand thousand Europeans. Not everyone comes back from Everest, but the bodies of the unbelievers, forever spread out in the hard-to-reach parts of the mountain, are not the worst; in the end, wherever the fallen fall, almost no one goes. But garbage remains in public places. These are tents, broken climbing tools, fuel cans and excrement.

Both Tibet and Nepal are trying to deal with garbage – and encourage tourists who bring down just as much as they carried up. Tibet takes $ 100 per kilogram left on the mountain, Nepal authorities collect a deposit – 4 thousand dollars from the team. It is returned if each member of the group brings down at least 8 kg of garbage. As a result, tourists coming from the Nepalese side brought from the mountain already 25 tons of garbage and 15 tons of excrement, but this is only a small part of what lies on the slopes. For many, the deposit is too small: what is four thousand dollars, when you laid out one hundred thousand for the ascent.

Little by little, the peasants are cleaning up the mountain; Every year the Sherpas of excrement alone bring almost 12 tons. “Extraction” is dropped into the sewer system of one of the surrounding villages; In spring all this flows down the slope.

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