Extreme frosts in Canada: there are victims

Three persons became the victims of extreme frosts in the Canadian province British Columbia which is on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. In all three cases investigation is begun, and in police do not open precise circumstances of death of people yet.

The police urges the population of the province to treat very seriously a situation with frosts and to avoid overcooling, not to be on the street in alcohol intoxication, not to heat the room by means of the household ovens or other devices which are not intended for this purpose.

“If you have elderly neighbors, find time to learn how whether they feel and everything at them is good” — the representative of police of the region Lisa Lapoynt called. Earlier National weather bureau of Canada warned about an extreme cold snap in British Columbia. Stems of thermometers there in places fall to minus 30 degrees Celsius, and at a gusting wind temperature can go down also to minus 40.

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