Fire tornadoes rage in wildfire-ravaged California

The resort town of South Lake Tahoe, California, has issued a new evacuation order as a devastating wildfire approaches. Meanwhile, fires south of Los Angeles have caused powerful fire tornadoes.

Residents of South Lake Tahoe, a resort town on the California side of the lake on the state border with Nevada, were ordered to move east Monday, with law enforcement officials going door to door to make sure everyone complied with the order.

About 24,000 people have already left their homes along the highway connecting South Lake Tahoe to Sacramento, CBS San Francisco reported Monday. The fire destroyed about 500 structures, injured five people and burned more than 177,000 acres, according to Cal Fire.

By Monday afternoon, the Caldor fire was only 14 percent contained, and firefighters in Riverside and San Diego counties, south of Los Angeles, faced similar difficulties in taking control of the Chaparral fire. Dramatic video over the weekend shows helicopters dropping water tanks on the blaze, which has turned into a fire tornado.

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