Fires have destroyed huge parts of Australia

The Black Summer of 2019 left a huge mark on Australia. Devastating fires spread across an area of ​​186,000 square kilometers, affecting dozens of people and millions of animals.

A year later, the consequences of the cataclysm are clearly visible throughout the continent. Geospatial Intelligence has revealed the vast burnt-out areas that remain in the place of once-thriving green areas.

The pictures were taken shortly before the start of the fires in 2019, and the consequences were removed immediately after they ended in 2020.

With their help, Australian authorities can obtain important information about the state of the landscape, fire damage, the level of landscaping, as well as damage to buildings and infrastructure.

Satellites as a means of fighting fires

For the authorities, such images will be of great importance in the period before the start of the fire season. “This is not a panacea for everything, but it [satellite surveillance] is important, and very beneficial if you look at what the government uses it for,” said CEO of Geospatial Intelligence Rob Kury. Tracking the state of the planet through high-resolution satellite imagery is becoming increasingly important against the backdrop of the ever-increasing average temperature on the planet.

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