Flood hits the Indonesian island of Java

4 people died, 1 went missing, 60,000 people were forced to flee their homes after flooding on the island of Java in Indonesia caused by abnormal precipitation.

Indonesia reports heavy rain since February 4, 2021 has caused flooding and landslides in 8 counties / cities in West Java province since February 7. As of 11 February, 156,800 people were injured, 63,700 displaced persons and 39,100 buildings were damaged.

Subang (62,070 injured, 38,453 displaced, 19,211 houses damaged) and Indramayu (39,631 injured, 11,997 displaced, 6,250 houses damaged) are the most affected areas. Other affected areas include Sumendang, Bogor, Cirebon, Madjalenka, Karawang and Bekasi.

According to the Indonesian Meteorological Agency BMKG, 214.2 mm of precipitation fell in Majalengk in the 24 hours before February 8.

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