Flooding as a result of heavy rain occurred in Sweden

Heavy rain after dry weather flooded streets in the city of Kalmar on the east coast, with 1,700 lightning strikes recorded in the area.

As much as 40 millimeters of rain fell in Kalmar on Tuesday, and about 24,000 households were without power for three hours.

The band of rain was supposed to move northward through central Sweden on Wednesday, but by morning all warnings for heavy rain previously issued by the national meteorological agency SMHI had been canceled, and it appeared that the heaviest rain was abating.

However, SMHI meteorologist Matthias Lind warned of sudden localized downpours. “If they hit populated areas, it could have serious consequences if the water can’t be absorbed when such a large amount falls in a short time, so it all depends on where these showers end up.”

About four millimeters of rain is expected to fall in Stockholm on Wednesday, but sunny weather is forecast in northern Sweden, where a wildfire warning is still in effect.

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