Flooding in Peru

Do new data on the number of deaths as a result of floods in Peru. The death toll has reached 23 people. Large-scale rescue operation launched in Peru in the territories particularly affected by heavy rains which had led floods, mudflows and landslides. For disasters, sent more than a thousand troops in the country. A further 1,800 are in a state of readiness in case of deterioration of the situation.

According to the Minister of defence of Peru, the country is faced with an exceptional emergency situation. According to the latest data, the number of deaths to 23 people, and 37 citizens were injured. More than six thousand citizens were on the street, the total number of victims has reached 72 thousand people.

It is also reported that the floods affected more than 15 million homes, including 994 were destroyed completely, yet 562 — uninhabitable. Blurry more than 375 kilometers of road, of which 46 km is completely destroyed. Approximately 14 bridges were demolished by flood waters, 32 bridge crossings partially destroyed.

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