Flooding in Tahiti

On the island of Tahiti in French Polynesia, was hit by heavy digdi that caused serious flooding. Flooded the streets of cities and towns, under the water were a lot of houses and even the airport.

To the affected areas directed army units to assist and evacuate residents from flood-affected areas.

Tahiti — the main island of the archipelago of the Society Islands and throughout French Polynesia and the largest island of this overseas community in the Pacific. The capital of Papeete is located on the Northwest coast.

Tahiti is an island of volcanic origin. It consists of two parts connected by a narrow isthmus Taravai. The Northern part is densely populated Tahiti Nui (big Tahiti), South nearly deserted South of Tahiti-Iti (small Tahiti). The total area is 1042 km2.

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