Flooding in the Nenets Autonomous District

In the Nenets Autonomous District, the rise in water levels and the flooding of a number of settlements began.

According to the press service of the regional administration on Friday, currently water levels in the reservoirs are 100-200 cm higher than the average long-term indicators of the spring flood, the maximum levels are expected in the period June 9-13.

Since the beginning of the flood in the flooding zone, there have already been seven houses and 34 houses in the village of Haruta, where 67 people live, as well as two stores. Some of the residents of the flooded houses are housed by relatives, they also have a place for 130 people.

Flooding also threatens the village of Khorey-Ver. According to the morning forecast, the water in the Kolva River is at 1028 cm at a critical level of 1150 cm. If unfavorable forecasts are confirmed, about 50 houses and an airport building can get into the flooding zone. This, according to local residents, was in 1972, when the water level in Kolva reached a critical level. The remaining facilities are in the center of the village and have never been heated up, the report says.

The authorities of the region decided to send rescuers to the village, the services and enterprises of Khorey-Vera are in high alert mode, the population is warned about a possible evacuation.

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