Flooding in the Tyumen region of Russia

On the Ishim River (the left and the longest tributary of the Irtysh River), a flood wave 2 meters above the norm was formed. At the town of Ishim, the natural rise of the river, increased by the discharge of the Sergeevsky reservoir, occurred at an intensity of up to 88 cm per day.

On the morning of May 10, the level of the river exceeded by 129 cm the mark of the dangerous phenomenon. In the city and in the vicinity flooded houses, numerous country plots and vast territory. Recent observations indicate a decrease in the intensity of the rise in water. The maximum of the high water, which was formed in average long-term periods, will last 7-10 days. Rescuers evacuated more than 400 people, including children who rested in the sanatorium “Sosnovy”.

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