Flooding in Yakutia

20 houses, more than 60 yards and a number of social facilities in several settlements of Yakutia remain flooded due to floods.

By mid-July, due to the flood in Yakutia, more than 100 yard territories were flooded. In particular, in the village of Svatai, 57 households, social facilities, streets and two pedestrian bridges were partially flooded; In the village of Argakhtakh, 46 households were partially flooded, a diesel power plant (DES), a school, in-village streets and heating network lines; In the village of Andryushkino flooded the territory of the helicopter and meteorological site.

As of July 25, in the village of Svatay, where 469 people live, 18 households with 57 people, four socially significant objects, streets and two pedestrian bridges have been partially flooded. The resettlement in the TAC (temporary accommodation) was not carried out, the water level in the Alazeya River is below the critical level and continues to fall.

It is noted that 46 households are flooded in the village of Argakhta, 19 houses are flooded with water. Tenants are settled by relatives, and three people are at the temporary accommodation center. The building of the school, the school workshop and the garage, the streets and the heating network were also flooded. The water level per day decreased by two centimeters – up to 891 centimeters at a critical 777 centimeters.

The water left four houses flooded with the Chara River in the village of Tokko, and 10 houses in the village of Bia-Kuel. In the village of Andryushkino, the helicopter and meteorological sites remain submerged. The water level per day increased by five centimeters, but it is below the critical one. In the village of Oktemtsi, the Lena River washed away a dam site, but the population does not threaten flooding. Restore the dam will be after the water is gone. In the village of Tomtor, because of the flood on the Kujdusun River, the bridge on the “Oymyakon” highway washed away, there was no movement between the villages of Tomtor and Orto-Balagan. Now the journey through the bridge is open. Flood eroded the road between the villages of Tokko and Wolbut, flooded with hayfields.

In all the flooded villages, rescuers and operational staff work. Where the houses were freed from water, commissions began to calculate the damage.

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