Floods and landslides in Rwanda and Burundi, East Africa

Heavy rainfall from April 17 to 20, 2020 led to fatal floods and landslides in Rwanda and Burundi. Local media confirmed nine dead and about 27 thousand injured.

In Rwanda, heavy rainfall caused landslides in the Gikumbi region of the northern province, with the Nyankenke and Kageyo sectors being the most affected areas.

Officials reported damage to property and six dead in Gikumbi. “The Gikumbi district is saddened to report the deaths of six residents who died as a result of landslides caused by rain, which largely destroyed several parts of the cities of Nyankenke and Kageyo,” said the mayor of the region, Felix Ndayay.

Public infrastructure, including roads from various parts of the district, was severely damaged. In addition, livestock have also died, such as goats and chickens. About 48 housing units were destroyed, while approximately 2 ha of various crops were washed away, as well as a total of 15 ha of soybeans in the Roemer sector.

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