Floods in 7 provinces of Iran killed 5 people, injured

“The relief and rescue forces have assisted 846 flood victims,” ISNA news agency quoted Mohammad Hassan Qusian as saying.

Rescue operations have now been completed in five provinces, but continue in Qazvin and Zanjan provinces, he said.

For the past two years, Iran has received rainfall that was unprecedented in the past 50 years, but last year, unfortunately, the country faced a drought that showed a 40 percent decrease in rainfall.

Watershed management is a solution to strengthen the ecosystem in the face of subsequent droughts by infiltrating rainfall into the ground.

The extreme rainfall over the past three years has gradually challenged the notion that Iran is experiencing a prolonged drought, and some experts have announced that the country will be engulfed by wet weather.

Thus, some experts claimed that Iran has entered a period of wet weather after dry periods over the past few decades, while others categorically rejected this claim, claiming that the country has faced a 50 mm precipitation deficit over the past 5 decades.

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