Floods in Indiana and Michigan (USA)

Employees of rescue services evacuate residents of several cities in the US state of Indiana in connection with a flood caused by heavy rainfall and snowmelt. At present, a state of emergency has been declared in the cities of Elkhart and Goshen. The Elkhart administration said the city first encountered such a flood for the first time in 45 years. Houses and streets were also flooded in the city of South Bend, due to the river St. Joseph left off the coast. Many transport routes in the north of the state are closed and used only by emergency and other services personnel. Due to floods, local schools were closed. Authorities organized an evacuation center for temporarily losing their roof over their heads.

In Michigan, many drivers were trapped in water traps on flooded streets in Flint, in the village of Mattavan, residents used sandbags to protect homes and businesses, as the nearby river came out of the shores.

This week, stormy weather brought heavy rains, snow and ice to the region. Because of bad weather, hundreds of car accidents occurred. As a result of the accident, at least six people were killed. In Minnesota, police said that as a result of worsening weather conditions, about 400 road accidents occurred.

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