Floods in Laos

In Laos, at least 46 people were killed, 97 more are reported missing as a result of floods caused by tropical cyclones.

Totally, from the floods after the tropical cyclones Son-Tin and Bebinka, 236 thousand people were injured in 14 provinces of the country. 11 thousand people remained without a roof over their heads. In addition, as a result of the disaster, some 120 schools were damaged, nearly 63,000 hectares of rice fields and about 42,000 hectares of other crops were flooded.

Also, thousands of livestock and poultry died in the country, 138 roads and 26 bridges were damaged. Losses from this are estimated at more than $ 1.9 million. People need food, clean water, medicines and tents. Assessment of damage continues.

The largest consequences of the disaster occurred in the Sanamsay district of the province of Attapa, where in the end of July there was a breakthrough in the dam of one of the hydroelectric power stations under construction, as a result of which 39 people were killed, the fate of 97 people is still unknown.

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