Floods in Sri Lanka

Heavy rains caused floods and mudslides in Sri Lanka. As a result of natural disasters killed at least six people, and another several dozen injured.

According to the disaster management Centre of Sri Lanka, mudslides in a mountainous area 70 km from the capital Colombo, claimed the lives of four people, two were missing. In the South of Sri Lanka, one person died from electric shock during bad weather, and in the Central-Northern part, in the district of Anuradhapura, another killed by a lightning strike.

Their homes were forced to leave more than 31 thousand people without a roof over the head remained about 8 thousand inhabitants. In some areas, paralyzed traffic. Discontinued classes in all schools. The authorities called on the army to launch a search and rescue operation.

Powerful showers and strong winds hit the island on 14 may. According to the forecasts of meteorologists, the atmospheric area of low pressure will shift to the southern part of India, the rains gradually subside, but a few days will be strong winds.

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