Floods in the Dominican Republic

Habitually sun in the Dominican Republic started the rainy season. The downpours cut off from the “big of the earth” 46 settlements, 2380 people have fled their homes, 476 houses partially destroyed.


Mode weather alarm is declared in 15 of the 31 provinces of the Republic.
An increased level of risk introduced in 10 provinces of the Dominican.

Most affected province Espaillat. River hobo overflowed
and 140 homes flooded. Three apartment buildings destroyed by the strongest flood.
The authorities appealed to residents urging them not to Wade
the spilled streams, rivers, and streams.

The rainy season in the Dominican Republic, as a rule, lasts from may to September.
Seasoned travelers are not afraid of the Dominican rains that usually go
day and night all the memories of them disappear under the scorching sun.
Much more dangerous is the hurricane season, which lasts from August
to November. Storms and strong winds can not only ruin a holiday,
but and present danger to the life and health of people.

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