Floods lead to evacuation of people in Victoria, Australia

Severe weather, including heavy rains and high winds, has hit Victoria, Australia since June 09, 2021. Wind gusts of over 100 km/h were reported. More than 200 mm of rain fell in several places in 24 hours. Police reported that one person died in a car that was caught in floodwaters.

Heavy rains caused river levels to rise, particularly in the Traralgon Creek in Traralgon, where the State Emergency Services (SES) issued an evacuation notice for more than 200 homes. SES stated:

“If you live, work or recreate in the Traralgon Creek area, you should evacuate immediately.”

The water level in the river jumped from less than 1 meter to 5.78 meters in the 12 hours between June 09 and June 10, 2021. The major flood level here is 4.80 meters.

As of June 10, major flood warnings were in effect for the Avon, Latrobe, McAllister, Thomson, Yarra and Traralgon Rivers. Water levels in the Thomson River near Cowarre reached 7.57 meters on June 10, where a major flood level of 5.5 meters was in effect.

SES reported that several people were rescued by helicopter, including some trapped in homes and others in cars. Emergency services received thousands of calls for help, mostly about wind damage. Fallen power lines left more than 200,000 homes in the state without power.

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