Forest fires in Buryatia

For a day, the area of ​​forest fires in Buryatia increased from 1.4 to 1.7 thousand hectares, according to the republican forestry agency. The department was informed that 11 fires in 9 districts on an area of ​​about 35 hectares were liquidated for a day.

“On the morning of June 22, the forest fund of the Republic of Buryatia is carrying out work to extinguish 16 forest fires.The area covered by the fire is about 1.7 thousand hectares, of which 12 foci continue to operate in the Bichur, Muya, Mukhorshibirsky, Pribaikalsky, North Baikal areas And 4 hearths are localized, “the report says.

At the extinguishing work more than 650 people and 100 pieces of equipment. Two Mi-8 helicopters are also used.

In Buryatia, the regime of emergencies continues to operate. Access of the population to forests is prohibited.

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