Forest fires in Buryatia

The area of natural fires in the forests of the Republic of Buryatia is growing rapidly.

If at the beginning of the week, the fire covered an area of 4 thousand hectares, by Wednesday, July 6, the flames spread over 4.5 thousand ha. this morning in the Republic, there were 16 active thermal anomalies area of approximately 4.2 thousand hectares. Firefighters took control of another 10 fire hearths in an area of 300 hectares.

Wednesday in the killings came a heat wave. Daytime temperatures reach 38 degrees Celsius. Hot weather and strong winds raise fire danger class. Over the past day in the Republic started 8 new fires area of 20 hectares in 5 districts. 13 natural fires extinguished.

Power to extinguish fires are grouped into horinskom district — where blazes 6 active and 1 localised fire. On the elimination of fires are 950 people. The firefighters helps a powerful industrial Park 138 units of heavy and forest fire equipment. In a Buryat firefighters and 11 aircraft.

Since the beginning of fire season in the Republic there was 511 thermal anomalies. The fire went through the area of 105 thousand hectares.

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