Forest fires in the Rostov region of Russia

Emergency mode was introduced in the Ust-Donetsk region of the Rostov region because of a large forest fire in the area of ​​the village of Ust-Bystryanska, a spokesman for the regional department of the Emergencies Ministry said.

In the area of ​​emergency mode. Now the area of ​​active burning is about 10 hectares, the total area covered by fire is more than 90 hectares. The Ministry of Defense aviation is working on the site, the Be-200BC aircraft is planned to be sent to the fire site ..

The press service noted that the complexity of the terrain, the inability to access the fire and special equipment makes it difficult to extinguish the fire. The population of the district is notified of a possible danger.

To extinguish the fire involved a group of about 300 people, as well as 100 pieces of equipment.

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