France announces crop loss after record cold weather

French gardeners and winemakers state that most of their harvest this year (up to 90 percent) was lost due to frost this week.

“The damage is catastrophic: beets, rapeseed, barley, grapes, fruit trees were affected,” stressed the National Federation of Farmers’ Trade Unions (FNSEA).

All week farmers across France tried to save their crops from frost by lighting fires and candles in the fields.

In Drome and Ardèche at night this week, temperatures dropped to -8 ° C.

Local winemakers and horticulturists reported that they lost about 90 percent of their crops.

The situation is no better in Burgundy, where 28,841 hectares of vines are grown.

“We have a damage of at least 50 percent,” said François Labet, president of the Interprofessional Bureau of Vineyards in Burgundy (BIVB).

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