Frequent explosions at volcano Fuego, Lahara warning, Guatemala

Frequent explosions continue on the Fuego volcano in Guatemala, accompanied by ash emissions up to 4.8 km above sea level, ash falls in nearby settlements and lahars.

In the 24 hours before 2:20 pm on October 6, the Fuego Volcano Observatory reported white fumaroles 4.5 km above sea level, 6 to 10 explosions per hour, accompanied by columns of gray ash from 4.6 to 4.8. km above sea level, drifting south and southwest.

A mild to moderate lahar was reported at 14:10 LT in the Seniza Canyon located on the southwestern slope of the volcano, which is a tributary of the Achiguate River.

Lahars can carry tree branches and volcanic material such as ash and blocks 1 to 2 m in diameter, volcanologists warn, urging people and tourists not to stay in or near the canyons.

If the rains continue, more lahars may be created in this or another canyon.

In addition, residents should be aware that traffic may be disrupted on the routes the lahars descend.

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