Fukushima to release 1 million tons of “radioactive water” into the ocean

The operator of the destroyed Fukushima nuclear power plant said it plans to build an underwater tunnel to release huge amounts of purified but still radioactive water into the ocean about 1 kilometer from the plant so as not to interfere with local fisheries.

The operator, Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, said it hopes to begin releasing the water in the spring of 2023. TEPCO says hundreds of tanks at the plant must be removed to make way for the facilities needed to decommission the plant.

Junichi Matsumoto, in charge of the water discharge project, said TEPCO will build an underwater tunnel by drilling through bedrock in the seabed near the No. 5 reactor, which survived a meltdown at the plant, to minimize possible underground contamination or leakage of radioactive groundwater into the tunnel.

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