Giant cracks tear Kenya to pieces

Giant cracks appear one after another and continue to tear up Kenya’s land the last few weeks of the week. The last geological anomaly opened right on the slopes of the mountain range on the slopes of Elgeo, where thousands of people now live in fear of being evacuated or swallowed by a very unstable and moving earth.

The appearance of long and deep cracks in the surface of the earth indicates that tectonic faults have set in motion on which Kenya is located.

The entire central part of the country is torn by the movement of tectonic faults. This is the so-called East African fault zone, expressed in the relief of a large depression at the bottom of which several volcanoes are located at once, and along the edges this depression is surrounded by the high ridges Aberdare in the east and Elgeo in the west, there is also the highest Kenya volcano – Mount Kenya and Elgon.

Now the entire tectonic zone has moved. Local residents are forced to quickly leave their homes because their houses are destroyed or severely damaged due to the appearance of new cracks right in the vicinity of settlements.

This is not even an evacuation, but a mass exodus, when everyone saves as much as he can. Huge cracks in the earth stretch for dozens of kilometers and have already destroyed the villages of Kaksgut, Ketigoy and Kalval, and the residents who have not yet escaped live in fear that this entire area may at some point simply fall into the ground.

Giant cracks increase every day. According to local residents, every night they hear an eerie roar, houses swing, cracks appear in the walls, and many simply fall apart, and in the morning they see a new crack in the ground or old, but which has become even larger.

This is a very disturbing signal. This is a forerunner of the fact that all the tectonic faults under Kenya have already set in motion, and this in turn can trigger the awakening of volcanoes and a truly large-scale natural cataclysm with unknown consequences for the whole world.

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