Giant lava fountains pour out of volcano after partial collapse of cone in Cumbre Vieja, La Palma

The partial collapse of a cone on the Cumbre Vieja volcano at 08:25 UTC on October 25, 2021 resulted in giant lava fountains with large gas, ash and lava emissions. This was followed by very strong explosive activity starting around 13:30 UTC and the opening of a new vent with a spectacular lava outpouring at 14:00 UTC.

These events were preceded by a significant increase in intermediate and deep seismicity on October 24, with magnitude increases in the intermediate zone.

In the 24 hours before 08:00 UTC today, 274 earthquakes were recorded. Twenty-four of them were felt by the population. 110 had magnitudes of 3.0 mbLg or greater, and 4 of those were 4.0 mbLg.

Only 3 earthquakes were localized to a depth of about 30 km (18 miles), and the rest were at shallower depths of about 12 km (7.4 miles).

The amplitude of the volcanic tremor signal increased significantly, with numerous amplification pulses.

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