Great white shark kills a surfer in Queensland, Australia

Surf cameras captured the moment a great white shark killed a man on the Gold Coast. This is the first case of a shark attack in this area since 1958.

The gruesome incident happened just meters from other surfers on Greenmount Beach at 5:00 pm, when a 46-year-old man was bitten on the leg.

At least 40 surfers were in the water when the shark attack occurred.

Swellnet surf camera footage shows the 46-year-old sitting in the water at the end of the line before being grabbed by a shark and dragged under the water. Water can be seen splashing before the black silhouette of a shark swims away from the shore.

Some surfers just a few meters away don’t seem to notice what’s going on.

The person is then seen floating face down in the water and dragged to the shore by other surfers.

The bite extended from the surfer’s thigh to the knee, and the raptor’s tooth remained in his longboard.

Greenmount Beach, located near the Queensland-New South Wales border, has shark-fighting equipment including barrier nets.

It is not yet known how the shark escaped the nets to reach humans.

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