Guam Island was hit by an earthquake measuring 5.6

A 5.6 earthquake occurred on the island of Guam. The epicenter lay at a depth of 65 kilometers.

Inarajan Village, Guam
67.8 km (42.1 mi) SE
Population: 3,052
Mangilao Village, Guam
81.4 km (50.6 mi) SSE
Population: 15,191
Tamuning-Tumon-Harmon Village, Guam
86.4 km (53.7 mi) SSE
Population: 19,685
Dededo Village, Guam
87.0 km (54.1 mi) SSE
Population: 44,943
Yigo Village, Guam
87.2 km (54.2 mi) SSE
Population: 20,539

The territory of Guam is an island in the western part of the Pacific Ocean, which has the status of an unincorporated organized territory of the United States. It is the southernmost in the archipelago of the Mariana Islands, dividing them with the Northern Mariana Islands.

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