Heat in Europe

In South Korea, electricity tariffs were temporarily reduced, and in neighboring China lost more than a billion dollars because of the mass death of sea cucumbers. The reason for all one is the 40-degree heat that seized half the world. In Germany, on the other hand, it is the heat that brings profit – local farmers started to record the early harvest of grapes. And they also save the oldest tree in the country. Millennial limes are watered by dozens of volunteers.

In Paris, with a heat fight mode for cars – in the capital of France do not start up cars that are stronger than the rest gassy air.

But in Kosovo they are cooled by jumping into waterfalls. Prize winners are awarded with lemonade.

Portugal is on fire. The hotest thing is in the Monchique area, where they try to win 1000 hectares from the flame. There is an evacuation – the fire is too close to the city, where it is already hot – plus 46. Portugal was in the center of the anti-clone from Africa. He brought with him not only abnormal temperatures, but also dust from the Sahara desert.

Also hard to breathe in Italy. At the weekend on all street thermometers in Rome + 44 °. Since August 2, civil defense services have been giving out water for free. In such conditions, the footage from Sardinia – where the ice has set in the area of ​​Campede, seem to be a mockery. 30-centimeter precipitation paralyzed the movement.

Such a northern Europe to see more familiar, but even today it is Africa. Sweden is assisted by firefighters and technicians. In Finland they allowed to sleep in supermarkets – under air conditioners.

“Our country is not ready for this kind of weather: we do not have air conditioners and the premises are very stuffy.”

And the authorities of France and Germany will help their farmers with money, The harvest of wheat, corn, and vegetables is lost. Billion losses according to the German farm organization – only for today, and the heat has not yet ended.

In zoos and bioparks throughout Europe, animals are saved – cold showers and frozen fruits.

“We always try to feed the animals with various fruits and seasonal products so that they get all the necessary nutrients.” To save them from the heat, we decided to give them frozen fruits, “says Alice, a zoo worker in Italy.

In France, where a record number of heat strokes was recorded, hotels are coming towards the population. Those who do not have air conditioning – offer large discounts on rooms.

You will have to pay the bills. As soon as the heat goes away and the bills for the light come. In Europe, in addition to record temperatures – a record energy consumption. And judging by the forecasts of meteorologists, air conditioners will have to work another week – the heat is not going to return to Africa yet.

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