Heavy hail rains wreak havoc across India, destroying homes and crops

Since hailstorms have begun in recent weeks, chaos has reigned in various parts of India. In Mizorama, the hail damaged about 795 houses, as the Minister for Emergency Situations confirmed.

In Haryana, more than 250,000 ha of Rabi crops were destroyed by heavy rainfall and hail. In West Bengal, mango plantations were destroyed in Malda due to rainfall last week.

In the north-eastern state of Mizoram, 46 houses were completely destroyed, while 749 others were partially damaged, nine out of 11 districts, including 58 villages, were affected.

The village of Khlyappui in the eastern Mizorami region of Saud was hit the hardest, where a total of 268 residential areas were affected, 189 of which were completely roofless.

The government assisted these families by providing 688 packs of tin sheets worth 2.9 million rupees, or about $ 38,500. The village department also issued 300 packs of tin sheets.

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