Heavy rain caused flash flooding in Surat Thani, Thailand

Rushing torrents of water swept away the roof of a store in Surat Thani province. Heavy rain caused water from the Nuea Khlong waterfall to pour down the mountain yesterday, flooding several houses in the Viang Sa area.

The southern parts of Thailand receive the most rainfall, about 2,400 millimeters per year, compared to central and northern parts of Thailand. The Surat Thani National Meteorological Service reported that yesterday will be the wettest day of the coming week, with about 7.90 mm or 0.3 inches of rainfall.

According to local Thai media, residents and people on social media are expressing concern for people affected by the elements. Residents living near Nuea Khlong Falls were warned to stay safe and avoid getting caught in the strong current. Locals whose home was completely flooded posted a video warning other residents in the same area to be prepared and cautious.

Other villagers posted on Facebook yesterday, claiming that water gushed into their home while they were sleeping.

Authorities had already warned of heavy rain yesterday before a torrent of water gushed down the hill. The flow of water became very strong by evening, as seen from the bridge near Wat Bang Song.

The Surat Thani weather station is also warning that tomorrow will be one of the windiest days, as winds will reach 17 mph or 27 km/h around 4 pm.

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