Heavy rains cause flooding in Colombia

500,000 people are at risk of flooding after La Mojana Dam overflows, Colombia. The La Mojana Dam in southwestern Colombia overflowed due to high water levels in the Cauca River caused by atypically heavy rains for this month.

The flooding affected more than 180,000 people in 39 municipalities in the departments of Antioquia, Bolívar, Córdoba and Sucre.

Numerous houses were damaged, as well as thousands of hectares of crops. In addition, a large number of livestock were lost.

Residents of the municipalities of Nechi, Antioquia, and San Jacinto del Cauca, Bolívar were the most affected.

Departmental authorities declared a red alert given the magnitude of the event, and at least 500,000 people living in La Mojana are at risk of future flooding.

On September 13, humanitarian organizations conducted the first initial damage assessment. Needs for food, shelter, non-food items, and medicine have been reported.

National authorities are discussing with UN OCHA how to mobilize international support.

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