Heavy rains caused floods and landslides in 4 departments in Guatemala

Emergency authorities in Guatemala are reporting floods and landslides in areas of the departments of San Marcos, Sololá, Guatemala and Santa Rosa after heavy rains over the past few days. Two people were killed, several houses and two bridges were damaged or destroyed. A total of 11,799 people were affected by the incidents and 23 people were evacuated.

In San Marcos, two bridges were destroyed in Tajumulco, and landslides damaged four roads in Sibinal. Roads were also reported damaged in the municipalities of San Antonio Palopo, San Lucas Toliman and Santa Catarina Palopo in Solol. Flooding in the department of Santa Rosa damaged more than 70 homes in Barbereen.

At least 4 homes were severely damaged by landslides in Frayanes and Guatemala in the department of Guatemala. Two deaths were reported.

Guatemala’s National Coordination for Disaster Risk Reduction (CONRED) provided an update on the situation during this year’s rainy season, which began in May and usually lasts through November. Since May, 23 people have died as a result of severe weather events affecting 1,333,218 people. More than 10,000 people have evacuated their homes at some point. CONRED reported damage to 4,069 homes, 118 schools, 205 roads and 21 bridges. Two roads and 12 bridges were destroyed.

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