Heavy snowfall and freezing temperatures hit the city of Punta Arenas, Chile

During the day there were many traffic accidents in various areas of Punta Arenas, as well as people falling due to snow and ice on the streets.

In the early hours of yesterday, heavy snow began to fall in Punta Arenas, covering the main streets of the city in a white layer, and even more in the western sector. This created problems for drivers and residents, considering also that car traffic has increased significantly in recent days.

One of the affected sections was the ascent along Pedro Aguirre Cerda Street, in front of the María Behety Park, where cars could not determine the slope to reach Manuel Rodríguez Street, having to help each other to pass this section.

Another section affected was the street near the Brewery, where a truck could not maneuver to get up, as happened on Frey Montalva Avenue, on the slope before the exit to Ignacio Carrera Pinto Street.

During the day, several accidents were reported in different sectors of Punta Arenas with minor injuries, as well as falls due to snow and ice on the sidewalks.

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