Heavy snowfall caused chaos in Serbia and much of the Balkan Peninsula

Heavy snowfall wreaked havoc on Belgrade and much of the Balkan Peninsula on Sunday, hampering traffic, canceling flights at the Serbian capital’s main airport and disrupting public transportation.

Power outages and damage to buildings due to falling trees were reported in many parts of the country. The icing caused trucks to slip on the roads and get stuck, and plows tried to pull them out.

Much of western Serbia was left without electricity, and authorities warned against unnecessary travel and urged residents of Serbia to conserve electricity.

In the capital, several trees fell under the weight of the snow, damaging cars and buildings. Some people had to be rescued after they were trapped in their damaged cars.

Several flights to and from Belgrade’s main airport were canceled due to weather conditions and a brief power outage in the main terminal, Belgrade media reported. The highway leading to the airport was closed for several hours due to a traffic jam caused by snowfall.

Passengers on a local train to Belgrade were stuck in the snow for seven hours before they were provided bus transport to the capital.

Emergency services assisted authorities with cleanup efforts throughout Sunday, while another warning was issued for more snow and ice.

In Bulgaria, heavy rains and severe flooding hit southern parts of the country over the weekend, forcing authorities to declare a state of emergency.

Areas of the Smolyan region, near the border with Greece, were hit hardest, where rivers overflowed their banks, causing roads to overflow and houses to flood. Several trucks were trapped by a landslide on an intercity road.

Strong winds disrupted power supplies in dozens of villages, authorities said.

In southern Albania, authorities mobilized police, the army and rescue services to deal with flooding after three days of continuous rain and snow.

The Vjosa River in the south of the country flooded many areas. An elderly couple left on the roof of their home in southwestern Albania overnight was rescued by police this morning.

In the south, many roads were temporarily blocked by landslides. In other areas in the northeast and southeast, heavy snowfall hampered or temporarily blocked traffic.

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