Heavy snowfall in the Alps – up to a meter of snow in seven days

Ski areas in the Alps are reporting exceptional snowfall in early December – up to a meter of snow in the last seven days. Other regions of Europe, especially the Pyrenees, as well as Eastern Europe, have also been snowed in, as has Kopaonik in Serbia.

After learning that the two countries that announced short-term ski closures this fall, Austria and Slovakia, have allowed their ski centers to open to tourists, more than 1,000 ski centers in Europe are expected to open this weekend.

All countries will have ski centers open, in many cases for the first time since last March. It is now possible to travel from most countries to most other countries, although in many cases it is forbidden or very limited if you are not fully vaccinated.

Those who are fully vaccinated usually have to undergo numerous tests and wear a mask to go out to ski resorts and vacation there. Masks are required even if you are skiing…

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